Thursday, 28 December 2017

Tried a multicolor pompom bear 😊

I thought I would try out making a bear with two colors. Light yellow and pink. I did it with every other color, like the picture.
I made two of this, one for head and one for body. Size 10.2 x 8.3cm
Then I made two more in a smaller size, size 5 x 3.3cm

I trimmed the first pompom into this
To the nose I took the pink yarn and felt needle it and formed it like a nose. I used the felt needle to fasten the nose where it is. The eyes are size 6 mm and I glued them on. The ears I trimmed a little and then used the felt needle to form them.
Then I trimmed the other pompom in the same size as the head. Formed a body and trimmed so the bear could have arms. I then used a long needle to sew up at the top of the head and down to the bottom of the body to be sure they stuck together.😊
I trimmed one side on the smaller size, of the other pompoms and that would be the sole, of the feet, on the bear.
Maybe the bear has big feet, but I think it's cut. 😊 You can trimmed them more if you wish.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Trying to find the technique in this

Well making this pompom animals may look easy and maybe it is for some. I tried out making two versions of pompom animals with two different yarn. It's not just choosing any yarn here. I can see the differens with a thin or thicker yarn. The thing is to also put on the right amount of yarn or your get the eyes to close to the nose and so on. Well I have just started so it will be interesting how it will go. There is a technique to cutting out the faces to and it is fun to see how one cut can alter the face like it does. 😊

Here on this picture I choose two different yarn. The one on the left has a thicker yarn, then the one on the right.
I felt it was easier to make the face cut out with a thinner yarn, so I think I'm going to use that. 😊

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Learning to make pompom animals

I saw a video on YouTube about pompom making. I couldn't believe how good the animals could get. The woman making this, has also given out a book on it, but I thought I will start in a smaller version. I found a video by "Pompom maker" and she is making a panda. Here is that video. 😊

In the video she is using pompom maker in wood. I bought the ones she is using in this video.

They look like this

I tried yesterday to make a panda, using the first video to look at.

It looks like bear, but the hard part is to form it right and put the threads at the right places on the pompom maker. Not so bad for my first try even thou it didn't look like panda. He got cute thou.😊
Now I will just continue making more to get it right. It's fun!

Monday, 18 December 2017

"The neon man". A free crochet pattern

I have finally written down this pattern. And I say finally because I have had this pattern a while.
You can find this pattern on this link:
The neon man

Friday, 15 December 2017

Part 3 The finishing part. 😊

I've started with making the template for my labels. 😊

You need to make one that isn't cut out in in the middle and one that is, to make one label.
I used a paper knife to do that. It should look like this.

Now I glued on the label where you write who the christmas present is for, on the label that isn't cut out.
Then I glued the label that has the cut out, but not on the middle part.
I was thinking at first to paint something myself on the cut out part, but there wasn't enough time. So I looked up christmas labels on the internet and found some I could use.
Now they look like this and I now used then christmas tree punch.

I used the christmas tree punch out to pull the ribbon in. I also made the "doorknob" and pull a red thread through and made a bow on the other side.

 If you don't wanna do the "doorknob" you can just use a red thread, like this. You have to open the rose to look inside the label.
 A close up on the "doorknobs"

You see on the pictures that I put on the gingerbread man and woman. Because it isn't clear who's will get the gift, I thought I give them a little hint that it is for a girl (gingerbread woman) or a boy (gingerbread man).
Well, that is how I made it. 😊

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

A little preview, part 2 christmaslabel

As I wrote before I was going to make my own christmaslabels 😊. Today I was going to show a preview on the things I'm going to use. As I started to make this yesterday, I notice it takes some time to do. So if you are doing this, and making many, it will take a some time to do. However, it's fun because you made it yourself. 😊


I bought red paper. This paper is a little thicker, and will be perfect for this project. I bought different colors and patterns, on the ribbons I'm going to use. I also bought jewellery because I'm going to use it as "doorknobs". This " doorknobs" look like nuts from a oak tree. I will take a picture for the next post and you will see it more close up. In the picture there is also a paper punch that you can get christmas tree pattern on the paper😊
I will write more in my next post on this, because there are little more material to use. 

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

My first pair of shark socks are finished

Yesterday I sew the last parts that were left to do on the socks. Here is a picture of the socks.